Innovation and creativity is on the forefront for every staff member at MTC Group. We heavily direct our company focus into new technologies for sustainable and renewable energy production and development. Across a range of industries we manage to offer cost-effective innovations to tackle antiquated methods in resource exploitation such as our biogas processing plant in Sedenak, Johor, flare gas capture technologies on and offshore as well as recent academic ventures for wave energy capitalization. In essence, we provide a means to turn waste into clean energy.
Biogas/Biomethane Processing
Realizing the vast release of methane from our local palm oil industry, we take the initiative to capture it and put it into a good use in form of biomethane, a sustainable energy sourced from biogas with the same capability as the natural gas. In fact, this project will be the first biomethane to be directly injected into Malaysia’s national gridline. We are also proud to hold a green technology certificate, MyHIJAU as our pledge to provide what is best for our environment.
Flare Gas Capture
We are devoted to turning antiquated approaches to energy with proactive and sustainable solutions. Considering gas flaring has been commonplace in the oil and gas industry for many years, we find that capturing and processing the flare gas can fill a gap in the market for lower volume gas supply.
Wave Energy
MTC has been in development of a productive form of renewable energy that suits Malaysia's natural environmental landscape. As the nation is surrounded by water, the Wave Energy system - the capture and transport of energy through ocean surface waves, is an incredibly suitable RE technology to be utilized here.