The Oil and Gas sector is MTC Group’s main business expertise with a decade of proven experience from hydrocarbon resources offshore to recent developments onshore. We are dedicated specialists for turnkey asset development with a low CAPEX and fast-track outlook - complete with an in-house Operations &Maintenance and Transportation & Installation team to deliver excellent and fit-for-purpose solutions for the client.


In essence, MTC is an offshore engineering company with more than a handful of qualified and capable team members. We have thus far delivered two of our own FPSOs across a span of 6 fields in total. MTC Group has been known to deliver a complete solution for field development at one of the lowest recorded UPC and UTC. With Humming Bird Offshore Solutions, we take this approach into a one-stop package.
Offshore Solutions


As we continue to grow and expand our company, we also continue to seek natural resource opportunities onshore with novel ideas and sustainable incentives. MTC has recently delved into flare gas monetization in the form of Mini-LNG and CNG plants across the coastline of Peninsular Malaysia.
Onshore Solutions