MTC Group is an offshore engineering entity with extensive experience in turnkey engineering, procurement, construction, installation and commissioning (EPCIC) services, an in-house team of qualified and capable members for operations and maintenance (O&M) and record-breaking performances for transportation and installation (T&I) services. We have thus far delivered two of our own FPSOs across a span of 6 fields in total. MTC has been known to deliver a complete solution for field development at one of the lowest recorded UPC and UTC. With Humming Bird Offshore Solutions, we take this approach into a one-stop package.
Humming Bird Offshore Solutions®
MTC trade mark - the Humming Bird Offshore Solutions ® is the first in the world offshore solution which was used initially at offshore Sarawak. The fit-for-purpose FPSO is relocatable to one after another suitable location tailored to client economic model and asset monetisation plan especially for mature/ late-life fields, marginal oil & gas fields, stranded oil recovery and early production system.

Amidst the difficult operating cost environment; uncertainty of new-but-marginal potential field and high capital expenditure in managing ageing assets against the remaining low production while equipment operating beyond their original design life, catalysed the innovative creation of the Humming Bird Solutions.

The Humming Bird Offshore Solutions is offered on Bareboat Charter Rate or Time Charter with minimal CAPEX for Client. The resulting UPC has been proven to be much lower than conventional methods. The tanker size and the topside processing capacity can be designed to suit the targeted production and off take schedule. With topside facilities onboard, the floater can be tied up to a minimal Well Head Platform (WHP) which not only offers low construction cost, but also facilitate rapid construction and installation time, leading to minimal capital investment.
FPSO and Flowline Development and Lease
Relocatable Solution for Wellhead Platforms
Operations & Maintenance
Transportation & Installation
Modification of Facilities