Site Clearance for Anjung Kecil and Bentara Fields during Monsoon Season

Anjung Kecil (AJK) and Bentara operator Vestigo Petroleum had contracted MTC Engineering on 7th September 2022 for site clearance works for the respective fields. The works included the retrieval, transfer and lifting of mooring chains and anchors, temporary abandonment of flowlines, and provision of marine spread, which was estimated to be completed within a fast-track 4-month timeframe.

MTC's major challenge to complete the works on time was the monsoon season, whereby the procurement of the marine spread and equipment were limited and constrained by time.

Engineering activities commenced for the first stages up until AFC was achieved. The offshore campaign immediately followed, which began with Bentara mooring anchor retrieval and offloading to MMHE yard. The Main Work Vessel (MWV) arrived shortly thereafter to perform as-found surveys, and upon completion, conducted similar works at AJK. Flowline disconnections were executed from both fields and returned to operator warehouse. Finally, WROV was deployed to perform as-built survey at AJK and later cast off to Labuan for demobilization activities.

During these works, MTC had also lifted 12 nos of chain stoppers onboard FSU Nautica Muar and transferred to Mooreast Yard.

Despite the fast-track schedule and the clear climate challenges, MTC has successfully conducted the contracted site clearance works for AJK and Bentara fields within the time frame and without any unintended incidents.