HEMREL - Defense Academic Research Collaboration between MTC and UiTM

High Energy Material Research Laboratory (HEMREL) - MTC's collaborative academic venture with UiTM, is determined to innovate the nation's defense technologies with priority on Self-Reliance. At HEMREL, the initiation of propellant technology has been successfully executed since 2019. The development of motor rockets has also been given detailed attention to produce a safe and operational product.

With the collaboration, HEMREL has executed numerous rocket launches to test the effectiveness of the rocket system.

The researchers has successfully produced a variety of rocket types such as STEM, Test Rockets (Military) and Sounding Rockets.

HEMREL's proven capability to produce locally-made rockets has ben one of HEMREL's initiatives to develop the nation's Self-Reliance within the defense industry and to protect the nation's interests.

The development of strategic rocket technologies is incredibly significant to pursue and further improve through the constant collaborations from various parties.