Free-Piston Linear Generator: Research Collaboration With Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP)

MTC Engineering Sdn Bhd (MTCE), a Malaysia company specialising in FPSO leasing, field production operation, and turnkey development for mature and marginal fields, is a strong advocate for utilisation of locally developed new technologies. Since 2013, MTCE has been utilising locally developed technologies onboard of its fleets of floaters.

Staying true to this commitment, MTCE together with its technology partner Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP) is moving on to a new milestone in development of the Free-Piston Linear Generator (FPLG) for offshore application. The FPLG prototype shall be tested onboard of the FPSO MTC Ledang utilising hydrocarbon gas from Jitang field located offshore Terengganu as its feed gas in Q2 of year 2020.

Main features of the FPLG is as follows:

  • Production of electric power by harvesting high pressure hydrocarbon gas which otherwise would be flared thus promoting reduction in greenhouse gas emission which is in-line with Paris Agreement 2016. Furthermore, the electrical energy generated will be contributed back to the grid hence reducing overall operating cost (waste to wealth)
  • Free motion piston (Free-Piston) which creates flexibility that allows it to work with wide range of pressure and gas composition (flexi-fuel) such as high-CO2 natural gas
  • The reciprocating motion caused by gas expansion / combustion cuts the magnetic flux thus generating electrical energy
  • Consist of only one moving part resulting to high mechanical efficiency and power to weight ratio
  • Modular concept allows scalable power generation output

The FPLG is envisaged to be a compact power generation unit suitable for offshore application with special attention given to application on unmanned facilities.