23rd Offshore Asia Pacific Summit and Exhibition 2023.

MTC Group has participated in 23rd Offshore Asia Pacific Summit and Exhibition 2023 on the 6th of December at InterContinental Hotel, KL. CEO of MTC Group, Fauzi Ya’akob, took center stage at the event to illuminate a critical issue plaguing industries worldwide: gas flaring and its impact on the environment. The presentation delved into a solution aimed at curbing greenhouse gas emissions stemming from this process.

The presentation outlined an approach to tackle the harmful repercussions of gas flaring and a field was used as an example and roughly 103,618 tonnes of LNG was flared from 2014-2016. Fauzi emphasized the significance of transitioning from traditional flaring methods to a sustainable approach that involves extracting and repurposing the gas—a move that not only reduces emissions but also harnesses valuable resources for beneficial use.

The solution that has been presented is called FPSOLNG+, an FPSO that is equipped with a LNG plant. Instead of flaring the gas, the FPSOLNG+ can liquefy it, making it available for offloading thereafter. Fauzi also presented a monetization strategy, showcasing how the captured gas could be repurposed for economic benefit. This forward-thinking approach not only mitigates environmental harm but also unlocks substantial economic potential from an underutilized resource.

As we continue to lead the charge toward a more sustainable future, MTC Group remains steadfast in its commitment to innovative solutions and the introduction of the FPSO with LNG capability underscores our dedication to merging technology and sustainability for a better, greener future.